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still cameras click to hear : still cameras

Cameras whose principal components are a lightproof chamber and an optical system, which causes an image to be imprinted on a light-sensitive surface.
still cameras image
achat d'image achat d'image

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view camera twin-lens reflex camera medium format SLR (6 x 6)

view camera click to hear : view camera

Large camera composed of two telescopic blocks connected to an expansible bellows, which allows the perspective and focus to be checked and adjusted as needed.

twin-lens reflex camera click to hear : twin-lens reflex camera

Camera whose upper lens uses a mirror to view while its lower lens is used to shoot.

medium format SLR (6 x 6) click to hear : medium format SLR (6 x 6)

Midsize camera with interchangeable lenses; it produces 6 cm x 6 cm images on a roll of film.