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The first true writing instruments were made by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia nearly 5,000 years ago.
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mechanical pencil fountain pen air hole barrel cap nib marker pencil

mechanical pencil click to hear : mechanical pencil

Instrument that is made up of a slender tube containing a fine piece of lead; pressing the thrust button moves the lead forward.

fountain pen click to hear : fountain pen

Instrument with a metal nib that is attached to a body containing an ink reservoir, usually in the form of a cartridge.

air hole click to hear : air hole

Opening through which air enters the pen to maintain atmospheric pressure.

barrel click to hear : barrel

Part that supports the nib and contains the reservoir that supplies the ink.

cap click to hear : cap

Screw end that covers the nib when the pen is not in use.

nib click to hear : nib

Curved writing point fitted with a device to supply ink.

marker click to hear : marker

Bevel-tipped color felt pen of variable size.

pencil click to hear : pencil

Writing instrument made up of a casing of soft wood around a graphite lead; it can be sharpened easily.