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hand tools click to hear : hand tools

Instruments used for working the soil in cramped spaces, such as a flower bed, small clumps, containers and baskets.
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hand fork gardening gloves weeder trowel small hand cultivator

hand fork click to hear : hand fork

Tool equipped with straight, somewhat flat tines, used mainly for loosening the soil.

gardening gloves click to hear : gardening gloves

Article of clothing covering the hands to protect them when gardening.

weeder click to hear : weeder

Tool with a narrow blade for pulling up weeds with deep roots.

trowel click to hear : trowel

Small shovel used for digging a hole for planting or for removing a seedling.

small hand cultivator click to hear : small hand cultivator

Tool with tines curved at right angles, usually used for loosening, aerating and weeding the soil.