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pruning and cutting tools click to hear : pruning and cutting tools

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axe scythe tree pruner lopping shears hedge shears

axe click to hear : axe

Tool with a thick blade attached to a handle, used especially to fell small trees and chop wood.

scythe click to hear : scythe

Tool with a curved blade connected to a long handle with two grips, for cutting tall grass or in an area that is inaccessible to a lawn mower.

tree pruner click to hear : tree pruner

Pruning shears mounted on a long pole whose blade is activated by a cord, for cutting hard-to-reach branches.

lopping shears click to hear : lopping shears

Long-handled pruning shears, used to cut medium-sized branches.

hedge shears click to hear : hedge shears

Tool with two blades that articulate like scissors, for trimming hedges, borders or perennials.