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cave click to hear : cave

Natural underground cavity that results from the slow dissolution and erosion of rock by water.
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resurgence dry gallery stalagmite subterranean stream column gour swallow hole pothole lapiaz stalactite sinkhole waterfall gorge water table

resurgence click to hear : resurgence

Where an underground watercourse reappears at the surface after disappearing further upstream.

dry gallery click to hear : dry gallery

Underground corridor that forms when the water table drops.

stalagmite click to hear : stalagmite

Crystalline rock formation caused by the evaporation of water droplets that fall on the floor of the cave.

subterranean stream click to hear : subterranean stream

Watercourse that flows through underground cavities.

column click to hear : column

Crystalline rock formation that results when a stalactite meets a stalagmite.

gour click to hear : gour

Small basins hollowed out by water.

swallow hole click to hear : swallow hole

Deep hole connecting the ground surface to an underground gallery; it is caused by the collapse of the cave’s vault.

pothole click to hear : pothole

Natural well connecting a sinkhole to an underground swallow hole.

lapiaz click to hear : lapiaz

Calcareous rock surface with crests separated by grooves that are often deep; it is shaped by the water.

stalactite click to hear : stalactite

Crystalline rock formation caused by the partial evaporation of water droplets from the vault of the cave.

sinkhole click to hear : sinkhole

Basin formed by continuous water infiltration into calcareous rock, causing the dissolution of the rock.

waterfall click to hear : waterfall

Almost vertical flow of a watercourse, caused by a sudden change in the level of its bed.

gorge click to hear : gorge

Deep narrow ravine along which a permanent or intermittent river flows.

water table click to hear : water table

Vast expanse of underground water fed by rainwater filtering through the earth; it supplies springs and can be collected in wells.