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examples of dunes click to hear : examples of dunes

Dune: accumulation of sand transported by the wind, found in deserts and along coasts.
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longitudinal dunes transverse dunes chain of dunes parabolic dune complex dune crescentic dune

longitudinal dunes click to hear : longitudinal dunes

Narrow elongated dunes that form when the wind blows in two convergent directions.

transverse dunes click to hear : transverse dunes

Dunes that form perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

chain of dunes click to hear : chain of dunes

Dunes aligned in the same direction, parallel to the wind.

parabolic dune click to hear : parabolic dune

Crescent-shaped coastal dune whose arms point into the wind; vegetation often keeps it in place.

complex dune click to hear : complex dune

Star-shaped dune that forms where winds blowing in various directions meet.

crescentic dune click to hear : crescentic dune

Moving crescent-shaped dune whose arms extend in the same direction as the wind.