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clouds click to hear : clouds

Fine droplets of water or ice crystal suspended in the atmosphere; the World Meteorological Organization classifies them according to 10 types.
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low clouds stratocumulus nimbostratus stratus

low clouds click to hear : low clouds

Clouds that do not exceed 2,000 meters in altitude and are composed of water droplets occasionally mixed with ice crystals; they sometimes generate continuous precipitation.

stratocumulus click to hear : stratocumulus

Gray and white cloud arranged in more or less continuous rolled layers; it does not usually trigger precipitation.

nimbostratus click to hear : nimbostratus

Cloud in the form of a dark layer sufficiently thick to block out the Sun; it triggers continuous precipitation.

stratus click to hear : stratus

Gray cloud forming a continuous veil that is similar to fog, though it never touches the ground; it can trigger light precipitation.