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meteorology image

The science that studies atmospheric phenomena, with a particular focus on forecasting variations in weather.

profile of the Earth’s atmosphere image

profile of the Earth’s atmosphere
Atmosphere: layer of air that surrounds the Earth and is composed mainly of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%); its density decreases with altitude.

seasons of the year image

seasons of the year
Periodic climate changes over the course of a year; they are a function of the Earth’s inclination toward the Sun and its rotation around it.

meteorological forecast image

meteorological forecast
Scientific method that makes it possible to forecast atmospheric conditions in a particular region for a given period.

weather map image

weather map
Map representing atmospheric conditions observed in a region at a given time.

station model image

station model
Method of representing information collected by an observation station on a weather map using symbols and numbers.

meteorological station image

meteorological station
The installations and instruments required to conduct meteorological observations on the ground.

clouds image

Fine droplets of water or ice crystal suspended in the atmosphere; the World Meteorological Organization classifies them according to 10 types.

international weather symbols image

international weather symbols
Standardized map symbols used to record observations from meteorological stations all over the world.

weather satellites image

weather satellites
Observation spacecraft that study the atmosphere and transmit data to Earth, making it possible to forecast the weather on the ground.

climates of the world image

climates of the world
Climate is a collective term for the atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, precipitation) that characterize a given region.

tropical cyclone image

tropical cyclone
Low-pressure zone that forms in the intertropical region and is marked by violent precipitation and swirling winds of 120 to 300 km/h.

precipitations image

Collective term for water particles in the atmosphere that fall or are deposited on the ground in solid or liquid form.