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polar-orbiting satellite click to hear : polar-orbiting satellite

Satellite that travels in a polar orbit around the globe 14 times per day; this allows it to cover the entire surface of the globe, due to the Earth’s rotation.
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solar array drive solar array radiometer thermal louver reaction engine assembly ultraviolet spectrometer S-band antenna Earth radiation sensor Earth radiation scanner microwave scanner antenna Earth sensor infrared sounder Sun sensor instrument platform search-and-rescue antennas battery modules

solar array drive click to hear : solar array drive

solar array click to hear : solar array

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

radiometer click to hear : radiometer

Instrument designed to measure electromagnetic radiation energy at a given frequency.

thermal louver click to hear : thermal louver

Adjustable mechanical component designed to modify thermal flux.

reaction engine assembly click to hear : reaction engine assembly

Micromotor that makes it possible to direct a satellite to the desired position.

ultraviolet spectrometer click to hear : ultraviolet spectrometer

Instrument that monitors ozone levels in the Earth’s atmosphere.

S-band antenna click to hear : S-band antenna

Antenna that enables a satellite to transmit the data it collects to the terrestrial station.

Earth radiation sensor click to hear : Earth radiation sensor

Radiometer that measures solar radiation and reflection in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Earth radiation scanner click to hear : Earth radiation scanner

Radiometer that analyzes a region of the globe by means of repeated scans.

microwave scanner click to hear : microwave scanner

Instrument that produces an image of an observed area even in cloudy conditions since microwave frequencies pass through clouds.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device that emits and receives radio waves.

Earth sensor click to hear : Earth sensor

Instrument that locates the Earth’s horizon so that the antenna can be positioned correctly.

infrared sounder click to hear : infrared sounder

Instrument that measures thermal energy in clouds and on the Earth’s surface with a view to capturing nighttime images of weather systems and cloud cover.

Sun sensor click to hear : Sun sensor

Instrument that positions the solar panels in the direction of the Sun to capture its energy.

instrument platform click to hear : instrument platform

search-and-rescue antennas click to hear : search-and-rescue antennas

Device that picks up distress signals emitted by ships or aircraft and makes it possible to determine their location.

battery modules click to hear : battery modules