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geostationary satellite click to hear : geostationary satellite

A satellite that travels in a geostationary orbit, allowing it to observe a considerable area of the Earth’s surface on a continuous basis.
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trim tab solar array magnetometer UHF antenna imager sounder telemetry and command antenna S-band high gain antenna Earth sensor

trim tab click to hear : trim tab

Adjustable mechanical component that makes it possible to modify the satellite’s position.

solar array click to hear : solar array

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

magnetometer click to hear : magnetometer

Instrument designed to measure the Earth’s magnetic field.

UHF antenna click to hear : UHF antenna

Antenna that provides a radio link with terrestrial stations.

imager click to hear : imager

Radiometer that generates images of clouds and of the surface of the Earth and the oceans.

sounder click to hear : sounder

Radiometer designed to measure temperature and humidity at different altitudes in the atmosphere.

telemetry and command antenna click to hear : telemetry and command antenna

It allows terrestrial stations to monitor satellite operations and transmit commands to the satellite.

S-band high gain antenna click to hear : S-band high gain antenna

Main antenna pointed toward the Earth to transmit large quantities of scientific data.

Earth sensor click to hear : Earth sensor

Instrument that locates the Earth’s horizon so that the antenna can be positioned correctly.