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meteorological station click to hear : meteorological station

The installations and instruments required to conduct meteorological observations on the ground.
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wind vane anemometer instrument shelter rain gauge recorder snow gauge direct-reading rain gauge pyranometer sunshine recorder

wind vane click to hear : wind vane

Instrument that indicates wind direction using a vane that rotates around a vertical axis.

anemometer click to hear : anemometer

Instrument that measures wind speed using cups that rotate around a mobile shaft at varying speeds.

instrument shelter click to hear : instrument shelter

Ventilated shelter designed to protect meteorological instruments from solar radiation and precipitation.

rain gauge recorder click to hear : rain gauge recorder

Instrument that measures rainfall using small calibrated containers that tip when filled with water, producing an electrical impulse.

snow gauge click to hear : snow gauge

Instrument that measures the depth of water that originally fell as snow.

direct-reading rain gauge click to hear : direct-reading rain gauge

Instrument that measures rainfall; it uses a measuring tube connected to a funnel that collects rain.

pyranometer click to hear : pyranometer

Instrument designed to measure overall or indirect solar radiation.

sunshine recorder click to hear : sunshine recorder

Instrument designed to record daily duration of sunshine.