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boiling-water reactor click to hear : boiling-water reactor

In this second most common reactor, boiling occurs directly in the reactor core; it is used mainly in the United States, Sweden and Japan.
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steam outlet concrete shielding condensation pool dry well control rod pump reactor core reactor tank feedwater wet well coolant: boiling water fuel: enriched uranium moderator: natural water

steam outlet click to hear : steam outlet

Steam produced in the reactor tank is carried to the turbine to produce electricity.

concrete shielding click to hear : concrete shielding

Concrete structure that holds back radioactive products in the event of an accident.

condensation pool click to hear : condensation pool

Water-filled basin that is used to lower the pressure in the reactor tank in the event of an accident.

dry well click to hear : dry well

Compartment around the reactor tank; it holds back radioactive products in the event of an accident.

control rod click to hear : control rod

Tube that contains a neutron-absorbing material (boron, cadmium) that is introduced into the reactor core to control its power.

pump click to hear : pump

Device that continuously circulates water inside the reactor.

reactor core click to hear : reactor core

Center section of the nuclear reactor where fission reactions take place.

reactor tank click to hear : reactor tank

Safety containment wall that separates the reactor from the rest of the building.

feedwater click to hear : feedwater

Piping that carries water from the condenser into the reactor tank, where it is converted into steam.

wet well click to hear : wet well

Compartment containing water that reduces the pressure in the dry well in the event of an accident.

coolant: boiling water click to hear : coolant: boiling water

Boiling water: natural water that boils and vaporizes on contact with the heat released by the fuel.

fuel: enriched uranium click to hear : fuel: enriched uranium

Enriched uranium: uranium produced by treating natural uranium to increase the quantity of fissionable isotopes (uranium-253) contained in it.

moderator: natural water click to hear : moderator: natural water

Natural water: water found in its natural state.