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nuclear energy image

nuclear energy
Large quantity of energy that is released in the form of heat; this occurs during a nuclear reaction (fission of atom nuclei). The heat is used to produce electricity.

production of electricity from nuclear energy image

production of electricity from nuclear energy
A nuclear fission chain reaction is started and controlled inside the reactor to produce electricity.

fuel handling sequence image

fuel handling sequence
Uranium is made into pellets, which are pressed into fuel bundles to be used in the reactor and then stored in cooling bays.

fuel bundle image

fuel bundle
Fuel pencils that are grouped in parallel for introduction into the reactor.

nuclear reactor image

nuclear reactor
Tightly sealed area where fission of the fuel is carried out in a controlled manner to release heat.

nuclear generating station image

nuclear generating station
Plant that produces electricity from thermal energy generated by the fission of fuel atoms in a reactor.

carbon dioxide reactor image

carbon dioxide reactor
Developed for the most part in Great Britain and France, it was replaced by the pressurized water reactor, which performs better and is less expensive.

heavy-water reactor image

heavy-water reactor
The advantage of this type of reactor is that it does not require fuel enrichment; it is used mainly in Canada, Argentina and India.

pressurized-water reactor image

pressurized-water reactor
The most common type of reactor in the world; water from the coolant is kept under heavy pressure to prevent it from vaporizing.

boiling-water reactor image

boiling-water reactor
In this second most common reactor, boiling occurs directly in the reactor core; it is used mainly in the United States, Sweden and Japan.