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heavy-water reactor click to hear : heavy-water reactor

The advantage of this type of reactor is that it does not require fuel enrichment; it is used mainly in Canada, Argentina and India.
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concrete shielding pressurized heavy water steam generator pressurizer steam outlet feedwater fueling machine control rod pump safety tank cold heavy water fuel moderator tank moderator: heavy water coolant: pressurized heavy water fuel: natural uranium

concrete shielding click to hear : concrete shielding

Concrete structure that holds back radioactive products in the event of an accident.

pressurized heavy water click to hear : pressurized heavy water

Heavy water that is heated in the reactor core is kept under pressure to prevent it from boiling.

steam generator click to hear : steam generator

Device that uses heat from the coolant to turn water into steam to activate the turbine.

pressurizer click to hear : pressurizer

Device that keeps the coolant water at a preset temperature to prevent it from boiling.

steam outlet click to hear : steam outlet

Steam from the generator is carried to the turbine and generator to produce electricity.

feedwater click to hear : feedwater

Piping carries water from the condenser to the steam generator, where it is turned into steam.

fueling machine click to hear : fueling machine

Remote-controlled device that inserts new fuel into the reactor.

control rod click to hear : control rod

Tube that contains a neutron-absorbing material (boron, cadmium) that is introduced into the reactor core to control its power.

pump click to hear : pump

Apparatus that circulates the coolant fluid between the reactor and the steam generator.

safety tank click to hear : safety tank

Tank where cold heavy water from the moderator flows to stop fission reactions in the event of an emergency.

cold heavy water click to hear : cold heavy water

A pumping system ensures that heavy water around the moderator tank circulates, cools and is purified.

fuel click to hear : fuel

Matter that is placed in the reactor core; it contains heavy atoms (uranium, plutonium) from which power is extracted by fission.

moderator tank click to hear : moderator tank

Steel tank that contains cold heavy water from the moderator.

moderator: heavy water click to hear : moderator: heavy water

Heavy water: water consisting of heavy hydrogen (deuterium) and oxygen; it can slow down neutrons.

coolant: pressurized heavy water click to hear : coolant: pressurized heavy water

Heavy water is kept at a set pressure to prevent it from boiling.

fuel: natural uranium click to hear : fuel: natural uranium

Natural uranium: fuel extracted from mines; it consists of a mixture of three uranium isotopes (uranium-234, -235 and -238).