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fuel handling sequence click to hear : fuel handling sequence

Uranium is made into pellets, which are pressed into fuel bundles to be used in the reactor and then stored in cooling bays.
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reception bay canned failed fuel failed fuel bay spent fuel storage bay transfer canal accept machine failed fuel canning equipment lock discharge bay elevator spent fuel port reactor new fuel storage room service building port fueling machine loading area storage tray

reception bay click to hear : reception bay

Water-filled basin into which spent fuel from the discharge bay is carried.

canned failed fuel click to hear : canned failed fuel

Failed fuel bundles are stored in a water-filled basin.

failed fuel bay click to hear : failed fuel bay

Water-filled basin in which failed fuel is stored.

spent fuel storage bay click to hear : spent fuel storage bay

Water-filled basin where the spent fuel is stored for several years before it can be disposed of safely.

transfer canal click to hear : transfer canal

Water-filled channel used to transfer the spent fuel mechanically from the reactor building to the service building for storage.

accept machine click to hear : accept machine

Remote-controlled cylinder that removes the spent fuel from the reactor and carries it to the discharge bay.

failed fuel canning click to hear : failed fuel canning

Failed fuel bundles are covered with a watertight casing.

equipment lock click to hear : equipment lock

Area through which equipment and fuel pass between the service building and the reactor building.

discharge bay click to hear : discharge bay

Water-filled basin that receives spent fuel as it exits the accept machine; the water acts as a protective barrier against the radiation emitted by the fuel.

elevator click to hear : elevator

Mechanical device used to put spent fuel into the discharge bay.

spent fuel port click to hear : spent fuel port

Tube used to reclaim spent fuel from the accept machine.

reactor click to hear : reactor

Tightly sealed area where fission of the fuel is carried out in a controlled manner to release heat.

new fuel storage room click to hear : new fuel storage room

Enclosure where new fuel is stored before being introduced into the reactor building.

service building click to hear : service building

Enclosure that contains the plant’s auxiliary systems such as storage and fuel decontamination equipment.

port click to hear : port

Tube used to insert fuel into the fueling machine.

fueling machine click to hear : fueling machine

Remote-controlled device that inserts new fuel into the reactor.

loading area click to hear : loading area

Area of the reactor building where new fuel is stored before being used.

storage tray click to hear : storage tray

Tray on which spent fuel is stacked.