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nuclear generating station click to hear : nuclear generating station

Plant that produces electricity from thermal energy generated by the fission of fuel atoms in a reactor.
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high-pressure steam inlet separator turbine stop valve reheater condenser water outlet low-pressure steam inlet condenser transformer turbine generator turbine building spent fuel discharge bay reactor building airlock dousing water valve steam generator dousing water tank reactor building steam generator room cooler deuterium oxide upgrading heat transport pump feeder header reactor calandria fueling machine control room steam release pipes main steam pipes main steam header condenser backwash outlet condenser cooling water inlet condenser backwash inlet condenser cooling water outlet spent fuel storage bay

high-pressure steam inlet click to hear : high-pressure steam inlet

Steam from the steam generators is carried to the first section of the turbine; here, it cools down and loses some of its energy.

separator click to hear : separator

Device that removes any water from the steam to prevent damage to the turbine’s runner.

turbine stop valve click to hear : turbine stop valve

Device that blocks steam from entering the turbine.

reheater click to hear : reheater

Device used to increase the temperature of the steam from the first section of the turbine to reinject it into the second section.

condenser water outlet click to hear : condenser water outlet

Water in the condenser returns to its original source.

low-pressure steam inlet click to hear : low-pressure steam inlet

Heated steam is reinjected into the turbine, where it releases its remaining energy.

condenser click to hear : condenser

Water collected from the water table flows in a circuit to cool the steam from the turbine and condense it into water.

transformer click to hear : transformer

Device used to alter the electric voltage; the voltage is increased at the station outlet in order to carry the current over long distances.

turbine click to hear : turbine

Machine in two sections whose steam-activated runner transmits mechanical energy to the rotor shaft of the generator.

generator click to hear : generator

Turbine-powered rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electric energy to direct it toward a transmission network.

turbine building click to hear : turbine building

Enclosure housing the devices (turbines and generator) used to produce electricity.

spent fuel discharge bay click to hear : spent fuel discharge bay

Water-filled basin that receives spent fuel as it exits the accept machine; the water acts as a protective barrier against the radiation emitted by the fuel.

reactor building airlock click to hear : reactor building airlock

Secure area where equipment and personnel can pass safely through the reactor building.

dousing water valve click to hear : dousing water valve

Device that releases water from the dousing water tank in the reactor building to condense the radioactive steam.

steam generator click to hear : steam generator

Apparatus that turns water into steam, which in turn activates the turbine.

dousing water tank click to hear : dousing water tank

Vat that contains water to cool the radioactive steam in the reactor in the event of an accident; this prevents a rise in pressure.

reactor building click to hear : reactor building

Concrete structure surrounding the reactor vessel; it is a protective barrier against radioactivity.

steam generator room cooler click to hear : steam generator room cooler

Cooling system that controls the temperature of the room housing the generators.

deuterium oxide upgrading click to hear : deuterium oxide upgrading

In power stations where heavy water is used as a moderator, a filter holds back steam (deuterium oxide) at the mouth of the stack.

heat transport pump click to hear : heat transport pump

Apparatus that circulates the coolant fluid between the reactor and the steam generator.

feeder header click to hear : feeder header

Large-diameter pipe that collects the coolant fluid at the reactor inlet and outlet.

reactor click to hear : reactor

Tightly sealed area where fission of the fuel is carried out in a controlled manner to release heat.

calandria click to hear : calandria

Safety containment wall that separates the reactor from the rest of the building.

fueling machine click to hear : fueling machine

Remote-controlled cylinder used to load and unload the reactor.

control room click to hear : control room

Area that houses the personnel and equipment used to operate and monitor the power station.

steam release pipes click to hear : steam release pipes

All the pipes used to carry steam to the separator outlet.

main steam pipes click to hear : main steam pipes

All the pipes used to carry steam to the steam generator outlet.

main steam header click to hear : main steam header

Device that collects and disperses steam from the steam generators.

condenser backwash outlet click to hear : condenser backwash outlet

Channel through which condensed water from the steam in the turbine returns to the water table.

condenser cooling water inlet click to hear : condenser cooling water inlet

Channel through which water from a watercourse is pumped into the condenser.

condenser backwash inlet click to hear : condenser backwash inlet

Inlet channel for the water needed for the condensation circuit of the steam in the turbine.

condenser cooling water outlet click to hear : condenser cooling water outlet

Channel through which the water from the condenser returns to the watercourse from which it came.

spent fuel storage bay click to hear : spent fuel storage bay

Water-filled basin where the spent fuel is stored for several years before it can be disposed of safely.