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incandescent lamp click to hear : incandescent lamp

Lamp in which a filament heated by an electric current produces light rays.
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lead-in wire inert gas base exhaust tube pinch heat deflecting disc stem button support filament bayonet base screw base bulb

lead-in wire click to hear : lead-in wire

Electric conductor carrying the current to the filament.

inert gas click to hear : inert gas

Gas inserted in the bulb to slow down evaporation of the filament.

base click to hear : base

Metal end of a lightbulb inserted into a socket to connect it to the electric circuit.

exhaust tube click to hear : exhaust tube

Glass tube used to empty the air from the bulb and then to fill it with inert gas before it is sealed.

pinch click to hear : pinch

Part in which the lead-in wires are attached.

heat deflecting disc click to hear : heat deflecting disc

Metal disc placed at the entrance of a lamp’s neck to protect the pinch and the base from the heat.

stem click to hear : stem

Button support.

button click to hear : button

End of the stem; the filament supports are attached to it.

support click to hear : support

Metal wire holding the filament.

filament click to hear : filament

Very thin metal wire, usually made of tungsten, emitting light rays when an electric current passes through it.

bayonet base click to hear : bayonet base

Base fitted with two short metal pins so that it can be placed in the corresponding socket.

screw base click to hear : screw base

Base fitted with a screw pitch so it can be inserted into the corresponding socket.

bulb click to hear : bulb

Gas sealed in a glass envelope into which the luminous body of a lamp is inserted.