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leg elastic box spring pillow mattress cover footboard handle mattress pillow protector headboard bolster

leg click to hear : leg

Stile supporting the bed.

elastic click to hear : elastic

box spring click to hear : box spring

Solid piece of furniture with springs on the inside, covered in fabric and supported by a frame; the mattress lies on it.

pillow click to hear : pillow

Cushion intended to support the head.

mattress cover click to hear : mattress cover

Plastic or fabric case that covers the mattress to protect it.

footboard click to hear : footboard

Panel forming the end of the bed where the feet lie.

handle click to hear : handle

mattress click to hear : mattress

Large upholstered cushion for sleeping on.

pillow protector click to hear : pillow protector

Fabric case that immediately covers the pillow to protect it.

headboard click to hear : headboard

Panel forming the end of the bed where the head lies.

bolster click to hear : bolster

Cylindrical cushion on which the pillow rests; it usually extends the entire width of the bed.