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linen click to hear : linen

Set of fabrics, blankets and pillows covering a bed.
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fitted sheet flat sheet valance blanket comforter neckroll scatter cushion sham pillowcase

fitted sheet click to hear : fitted sheet

Piece of fabric whose corners and edges are designed to tuck snugly under the mattress.

flat sheet click to hear : flat sheet

Piece of fabric between the body and the blanket.

valance click to hear : valance

Strip of fabric, usually pleated, trimming the base of the bed.

blanket click to hear : blanket

Covering for the sheet made of various warm fabrics; it protects against the cold.

comforter click to hear : comforter

Cloth case stuffed with down, feathers or synthetic material and often quilted; it is used as a cover or for decorative purposes.

neckroll click to hear : neckroll

Ornamental cylindrical cushion.

scatter cushion click to hear : scatter cushion

Stuffed piece of fabric to lie against or decorate a bed.

sham click to hear : sham

Decorative cloth envelope covering a pillow that matches the bedcover.

pillowcase click to hear : pillowcase

Cloth envelope covering a pillow.