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steam iron click to hear : steam iron

Electric appliance producing steam and used to iron fabric.
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signal lamp heel rest temperature control soleplate spray control water-level tube cord vertical cord lift body handle fabric guide spray button spray fill opening front tip

signal lamp click to hear : signal lamp

Light showing that the appliance is on.

heel rest click to hear : heel rest

Part upon which the iron rests while not in use.

temperature control click to hear : temperature control

Device for regulating the iron’s temperature.

soleplate click to hear : soleplate

Flat metal part that presses the fabric, with orifices through which the steam escapes.

spray control click to hear : spray control

Device regulating the flow of steam.

water-level tube click to hear : water-level tube

cord click to hear : cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.

vertical cord lift click to hear : vertical cord lift

Part keeping a section of the cord in an upright position in order to free up the ironing surface.

body click to hear : body

Rigid casing covering and protecting the various working elements of the appliance.

handle click to hear : handle

fabric guide click to hear : fabric guide

Table showing the appropriate iron temperature for each type of fabric.

spray button click to hear : spray button

Button for switching between steam and dry ironing.

spray click to hear : spray

Device for turning water into mist to dampen the fabric.

fill opening click to hear : fill opening

Where water enters to fill the chamber.

front tip click to hear : front tip