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pedestal-type sump pump click to hear : pedestal-type sump pump

Device removing water from a pit dug in the ground in order to evacuate it to a sewer or septic tank.
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float discharge line check valve shutoff switch sump float clamp grounded receptacle pump motor

float click to hear : float

Moving part connected to the shutoff switch; it rises with the water level and activates the pump.

discharge line click to hear : discharge line

Pipe through which the pump evacuates the sump water to a sewer or septic tank.

check valve click to hear : check valve

Valve with a toggle preventing water from backing up into the sump.

shutoff switch click to hear : shutoff switch

Mechanism allowing the pump motor to be activated when the float reaches a preset level.

sump click to hear : sump

Pit in which water runoff is collected in the event the basement floods.

float clamp click to hear : float clamp

Metal part keeping the float line in place.

grounded receptacle click to hear : grounded receptacle

Device for supplying electricity and ensuring the transfer of the current to the ground in the event of device malfunction; it prevents electrocution.

pump motor click to hear : pump motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.