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septic tank click to hear : septic tank

Underground system in which sewage is treated and dispersed.
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leach field perforated pipe distribution box gravel tank building sewer

leach field click to hear : leach field

Land containing perforated pipes through which the water infiltrates the ground.

perforated pipe click to hear : perforated pipe

Perforated pipe through which water drains in order to filter through the gravel and then into the soil.

distribution box click to hear : distribution box

Device spreading water evenly through the network of drains.

gravel click to hear : gravel

Bed of small stones absorbing smaller particles found in water to prevent them from blocking the perforated pipes; it also keeps the perforated pipes in place.

tank click to hear : tank

Wastewater settles and sewage decomposes naturally in the first compartment. Water then flows into the second compartment.

building sewer click to hear : building sewer

Drainpipe carrying wastewater from the waste stack to the sewage system or septic tank.