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bathroom click to hear : bathroom

Room designed for personal hygiene; it is equipped with running water and sanitary fixtures.
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soap dish shower stall towel bar sink vanity cabinet faucet tub platform bidet seat toilet toilet tank tissue holder mirror overflow bathtub portable shower head sliding door shower head spray hose

soap dish click to hear : soap dish

shower stall click to hear : shower stall

Enclosed space in which a sanitary facility allows one to wash one’s body under a spray of water.

towel bar click to hear : towel bar

sink click to hear : sink

Sanitary fixture in the form of a basin; it is used for washing.

vanity cabinet click to hear : vanity cabinet

Furniture where one grooms oneself; it is equipped with a mirror and usually contains drawers.

faucet click to hear : faucet

Device stopping or starting the flow of hot or cold water, as well as regulating its flow rate.

tub platform click to hear : tub platform

Raised floor section leading to the bathtub.

bidet click to hear : bidet

Low sanitary fixture shaped like a toilet bowl and used for bathing private parts.

seat click to hear : seat

Seat pierced with a hole; it can be raised or lowered.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Sanitary fixture for disposing of bodily waste; it comprises a toilet bowl and a tank.

toilet tank click to hear : toilet tank

Reservoir storing water used to flush the contents of a toilet bowl.

tissue holder click to hear : tissue holder

mirror click to hear : mirror

Polished glass surface reflecting light and returning images.

overflow click to hear : overflow

Drainpipe for draining off a fixture’s overflow when the water level reaches a certain level.

bathtub click to hear : bathtub

Sanitary fixture for taking baths; it is shaped like a deep, elongated basin.

portable shower head click to hear : portable shower head

Movable handle equipped with a perforated shower head; it is used especially for rinsing hair.

sliding door click to hear : sliding door

Panel or panels of a door sliding horizontally along a set of tracks.

shower head click to hear : shower head

Perforated device through which water flows under pressure.

spray hose click to hear : spray hose

Flexible pipe allowing the shower head to be moved.