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foundation click to hear : foundation

Work done on-site in cement or masonry; it supports a structure’s load and transfers it to the ground, thus providing stability.
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baseboard molding wood flooring floor joist end joist sill plate footing drain tile gravel foundation sill insulating material brick wall wall stud subfloor sheathing

baseboard click to hear : baseboard

Plank of wood protruding from the base of a wall; it covers the joint between the floor and the wall.

molding click to hear : molding

Finishing molding attached to the baseboard where it meets the floor; its cross-section is a quarter circle.

wood flooring click to hear : wood flooring

A room’s decorative floor covering made of wooden squares or strips of wood.

floor joist click to hear : floor joist

Level member resting on a ledger and a sill plate and intended to support the floor.

end joist click to hear : end joist

Member perpendicular and attached to the floor joists at their ends to form the exterior framework.

sill plate click to hear : sill plate

Member anchored to the top of the foundation wall; the floor joists and the end joists rest on it.

footing click to hear : footing

Spread-footing section supporting the foundation wall; it is usually made of cement.

drain tile click to hear : drain tile

Perforated pipe draining water from the soil; it also protects the foundation from frost and pressure caused by wet soil.

gravel click to hear : gravel

Bed of small stones absorbing smaller particles found in water to prevent them from blocking the drain; it also keeps the drain in place.

foundation click to hear : foundation

Part of the wall located below ground level and wider than the wall itself, which it supports; it is usually made of cement.

sill click to hear : sill

Level member to which the bottom ends of the studs are attached.

insulating material click to hear : insulating material

Material impeding heat loss to the outdoors or the cold from entering.

brick wall click to hear : brick wall

Exterior facing of a frame usually composed of blocks made from baked clay.

wall stud click to hear : wall stud

Vertical member used in walls to support the double plate; the facing is attached to it.

subfloor click to hear : subfloor

Planks or plywood laid on floor joists; the floor covering is in turn laid on it.

sheathing click to hear : sheathing

Wall covering attached directly to the frame serving as a base or support upon which to nail other facings.