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sagittal section click to hear : sagittal section

Front-to-back vertical section on the median line of the body.
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peritoneum abdominal cavity urinary bladder prostate symphysis pubis cavernous body male urethra penis glans penis prepuce urinary meatus scrotum testicle epididymis thigh bulbocavernous muscle Cowper’s gland buttock anus ejaculatory duct rectum seminal vesicle deferent duct

peritoneum click to hear : peritoneum

Resistant membrane covering the internal walls and organs of the abdominal cavity and maintaining its shape.

abdominal cavity click to hear : abdominal cavity

Lower portion of the trunk containing the majority of the organs of the digestive, urinary and genital systems.

urinary bladder click to hear : urinary bladder

Muscular reservoir where urine from the kidneys collects before being evacuated through the urethra.

prostate click to hear : prostate

Gland secreting a thick whitish liquid that aids in the formation of sperm and contributes to the mobility of the spermatozoa.

symphysis pubis click to hear : symphysis pubis

Slightly movable fibrocartilaginous joint connecting the two pubes (anterior part of the two iliac bones).

cavernous body click to hear : cavernous body

Erectile tissue of the back of the penis extending to the gland.

male urethra click to hear : male urethra

Membranous duct enabling evacuation of urine and carrying sperm to the terminal part of the penis.

penis click to hear : penis

Organ enabling copulation as well as the evacuation of urine and sperm; during sexual arousal, it fills with blood and forms an erection.

glans penis click to hear : glans penis

Bulging anterior terminal portion of the penis consisting of a spongy body; it is surrounded by the prepuce and is where the meatus of the urethra opens.

prepuce click to hear : prepuce

Cutaneous fold covering the glans penis.

urinary meatus click to hear : urinary meatus

Outer orifice of the urethra enabling evacuation of urine and sperm.

scrotum click to hear : scrotum

Cutaneous muscular pouch containing the testicles and regulating their temperature.

testicle click to hear : testicle

Male genital gland that produces spermatozoa and the sex hormone testosterone.

epididymis click to hear : epididymis

Small organ in which sperm produced by the testicles is stored and undergoes maturation; it is connected to the deferent duct.

thigh click to hear : thigh

Section of the leg between the hip and the knee; it contains many powerful muscles.

bulbocavernous muscle click to hear : bulbocavernous muscle

Muscle contributing to erection and to the evacuation of urine and sperm.

Cowper’s gland click to hear : Cowper’s gland

Organ secreting a viscous substance emptying out into the urethra just before ejaculation to lubricate and to neutralize the acidity of residual traces of urine.

buttock click to hear : buttock

Fleshy part consisting mostly of muscles located at the base of the back.

anus click to hear : anus

Terminal orifice of the digestive tract enabling ejection of fecal matter.

ejaculatory duct click to hear : ejaculatory duct

Muscular membranous duct extending the deferent canal and opening into the urethra in the prostate gland.

rectum click to hear : rectum

Terminal section of the large intestine preceding the anus.

seminal vesicle click to hear : seminal vesicle

Enlargement of the deferent duct whose glands secrete a protein-rich viscous liquid that makes up about 60% of the sperm.

deferent duct click to hear : deferent duct

Muscular membranous duct channeling the sperm of the epididymis to the prostate gland; it extends through the ejaculator duct.