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spermatozoon click to hear : spermatozoon

Mature and mobile reproductive male cell produced by the testicle; the main constituent of the sperm used to fertilize an egg.
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head middle piece neck end piece tail

head click to hear : head

Anterior section of the spermatozoon formed of a nucleus (organite containing genetic information) and the acrosome (structure aiding in penetration of the egg).

middle piece click to hear : middle piece

Part surrounding the base of the tail where the mitochondrions, small organites that supply the energy needed for the spermatozoon to move, concentrate.

neck click to hear : neck

Narrow part connecting the head to the intermediary section; it contains the centrioles, structures that aid in cell division.

end piece click to hear : end piece

Terminal end of the spermatozoon’s tail.

tail click to hear : tail

Filament whose oscillations enable the displacement of the spermatozoon.