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cervical vertebra click to hear : cervical vertebra

Bony part of the neck forming the upper terminal part of the vertebral column.
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communicating ramus epidural space cerebrospinal fluid dura mater spinous process spinal cord vertebral body spinal nerve transverse process anterior root posterior root

communicating ramus click to hear : communicating ramus

Branch of the spinal nerve connecting the ganglions of the sympathetic trunk to the spinal cord.

epidural space click to hear : epidural space

Space filled with blood vessels and adipose tissue; separates the dura mater from the vertebra and has a protective function.

cerebrospinal fluid click to hear : cerebrospinal fluid

Fluid contained between the arachnoid and the pia mater around the spinal cord and serving mainly as a shock absorber; it protects the entire central nervous system.

dura mater click to hear : dura mater

Thick and resistant outer meninx fusing with the tissue covering the spinal nerves; it does not adhere directly to the bony vertebral wall.

spinous process click to hear : spinous process

Posterior middle protuberance of the vertebra; the attachment point for the back muscles.

spinal cord click to hear : spinal cord

Part of the central nervous system located in the vertebral column; it receives and transmits nerve information and releases the reflexes.

vertebral body click to hear : vertebral body

Anterior bony cylinder of a vertebra surrounded by two transverse processes.

spinal nerve click to hear : spinal nerve

Nerve formed by the union of the sensory and motor roots; it communicates nerve messages between the spinal cord and the various parts of the organism.

transverse process click to hear : transverse process

Bony protuberance extending laterally from each side of the vertebra; the muscles are attached to it.

anterior root click to hear : anterior root

Bundle of motor nerve fibers (axons) communicating information from the spinal cord to the periphery of the body, especially the muscles.

posterior root click to hear : posterior root

Bundle of sensitive nerve fibers that carry the spinal ganglions and communicate information from the body’s periphery to the spinal cord.