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anterior view click to hear : anterior view

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shoulder knee pubis navel toe foot penis breast nipple ear temple forehead ankle scrotum groin abdomen thorax armpit Adam’s apple face skull instep

shoulder click to hear : shoulder

Upper limb joint articulating with the thorax; extremely mobile, the shoulder is capable of a wide range of movements.

knee click to hear : knee

Joint that articutes the thighbone (femur) with the lower section of the leg (tibia).

pubis click to hear : pubis

Triangular protuberance of the lower abdomen; it is covered with hair at puberty.

toe click to hear : toe

Each of the five terminal parts of the foot formed of various articulated bones and ending in a nail.

foot click to hear : foot

Terminal part of the lower limb enabling upright stance and walking.

penis click to hear : penis

Male erectile organ enabling copulation and excretion of urine.

breast click to hear : breast

Anterior section of the thorax containing the nipple; unlike in the female, the breast plays no role in the male.

nipple click to hear : nipple

Cone-shaped or cylindrical erectile protuberance of the breast surrounded by a pigmented area (areola).

ear click to hear : ear

Organ of hearing that collects sounds; the inner ear is also the organ of equilibrium.

temple click to hear : temple

Lateral portion of the head between the forehead, eye, cheek and ear.

forehead click to hear : forehead

Upper portion of the face between the eyebrows and the hair roots and extending between the temples.

ankle click to hear : ankle

Joint of the foot articulating with the leg, forming internal (tibia) and external (ulna) lateral protuberances.

scrotum click to hear : scrotum

Cutaneous muscular pouch containing the testicles and regulating their temperature.

groin click to hear : groin

Depression resulting from the juncture of the lower abdomen and the thigh.

abdomen click to hear : abdomen

Soft part forming the lower portion of the trunk and containing various organs of the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.

thorax click to hear : thorax

Bony cage forming the upper portion of the trunk and containing the major respiratory and circulatory organs (lungs, heart).

armpit click to hear : armpit

Depression located beneath the shoulder between the arm and the thorax and covered with hair at puberty.

Adam’s apple click to hear : Adam’s apple

Protuberance of a man’s neck formed by the juncture of two strips of cartilage from the larynx.

face click to hear : face

Front portion of the head bounded by the hair, ears and chin.

skull click to hear : skull

Bony structure enclosing and protecting the brain.

instep click to hear : instep

Upper portion of the foot between the metatarsus and the ankle.