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auricle click to hear : auricle

Soft cartilaginous outer portion of the ear located at the side of the head; it allows sounds to be collected.
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earlobe acoustic meatus tragus anterior notch crus of helix triangular fossa tail of helix antitragus intertragic notch concha antihelix helix

earlobe click to hear : earlobe

Fleshy extension of the lower section of the auricle; it plays no role in hearing.

acoustic meatus click to hear : acoustic meatus

Opening through which sounds collected by the auricle reach the tympanic cavity.

tragus click to hear : tragus

Flat triangular protuberance located in front of the acoustic meatus, protecting especially the concha.

anterior notch click to hear : anterior notch

Deep depression separating the helix from the tragus.

crus of helix click to hear : crus of helix

Front portion of the helix beginning at the base of the concha.

triangular fossa click to hear : triangular fossa

Small depression located in the upper portion of the helix between its two branches.

tail of helix click to hear : tail of helix

Terminal end of the helix extending to the upper portion of the lobe.

antitragus click to hear : antitragus

Small triangular protuberance at the terminal end of the antihelix.

intertragic notch click to hear : intertragic notch

Deep depression at the base of the acoustic meatus between the antitragus and the tragus.

concha click to hear : concha

Deep cavity of the auricle of the ear above the antitragus; the acoustic meatus opens into it.

antihelix click to hear : antihelix

Protuberance parallel to and inside the helix dividing into two branches in its upper section.

helix click to hear : helix

Protruding fold of the auricle of the ear extending from the concha to the lobe.