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structure of the ear click to hear : structure of the ear

The ear is made up of three distinct parts; hearing is controlled by the inner ear, which contains the sensory organs.
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ear drum Eustachian tube vestibule cochlea lateral semicircular canal cochlear nerve vestibular nerve superior semicircular canal auditory ossicles posterior semicircular canal auricle acoustic meatus internal ear middle ear external ear

ear drum click to hear : ear drum

Slender resistant elastic membrane; it vibrates when sound waves are received from the auditory canal, then transmits the waves to the ossicles.

Eustachian tube click to hear : Eustachian tube

Tube connecting the middle ear to the nasopharynx; it allows outside air to pass through, thus equalizing air pressure on both sides of the ear drum.

vestibule click to hear : vestibule

Bony structure into which the three semicircular canals open; with these canals, it is responsible for equilibrium.

cochlea click to hear : cochlea

Bony structure intended for hearing; it receives vibrations from the ossicles and transforms them into nervous impulses before transmitting them to the brain.

lateral semicircular canal click to hear : lateral semicircular canal

Horizontal canal; it monitors head movements to ensure that equilibrium is maintained.

cochlear nerve click to hear : cochlear nerve

Nerve transmitting auditory messages collected in the cochlea to the brain. The cochlear and vestibular nerves join to form the auditory nerve.

vestibular nerve click to hear : vestibular nerve

Nerve transmitting messages related to equilibrium to the brain; it emanates from the vestibule and the semicircular canals.

superior semicircular canal click to hear : superior semicircular canal

Vertical canal perpendicular to the temporal bone; it monitors head movements to ensure that equilibrium is maintained.

auditory ossicles click to hear : auditory ossicles

The smallest bones in the human body, held in place by several muscles and ligaments; they amplify the vibrations of the ear drum.

posterior semicircular canal click to hear : posterior semicircular canal

Vertical canal parallel to the temporal bone; it monitors head movements to ensure that equilibrium is maintained.

auricle click to hear : auricle

Soft cartilaginous outer portion of the ear located at the side of the head; it allows sounds to be collected.

acoustic meatus click to hear : acoustic meatus

Canal carrying the sounds collected by the pinna to the ear drum. It is lined with hair and covered with cerumen, a waxy substance that retains dust particles.

internal ear click to hear : internal ear

Liquid-filled cavity hollowed out of the temporal bone that transforms sound vibrations into nerve influxes to be interpreted by the brain.

middle ear click to hear : middle ear

Air-filled cavity hollowed out of the temporal bone; it receives sounds from the external ear, amplifies them through the auricles and transmits them to the internal ear.

external ear click to hear : external ear

Visible portion of the ear enabling sounds to be collected and directed to the middle ear through the acoustic meatus.