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nasal fossae click to hear : nasal fossae

Each of two cavities separated by a middle partition; they assist in olfaction, respiration and speech.
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cribriform plate of ethmoid superior nasal concha sphenoidal sinus uvula soft palate Eustachian tube nasopharynx hard palate maxilla greater alar cartilage inferior nasal concha septal cartilage of nose middle nasal concha nasal bone frontal sinus tongue olfactory nerve olfactory mucosa olfactory tract olfactory bulb

cribriform plate of ethmoid click to hear : cribriform plate of ethmoid

Curved bony plate forming the arch of the nasal fossae; its orifices allow the olfactory nerve fibers to pass between the mucous membrane and the bulb.

superior nasal concha click to hear : superior nasal concha

Curved bony plate resting on the ethmoid and contributing to olfaction by bringing inhaled air into contact with the mucous membrane.

sphenoidal sinus click to hear : sphenoidal sinus

Cavity hollowed out of the sphenoid bone of the skull; it connects with the nasal fossae and warms inhaled air.

uvula click to hear : uvula

Fleshy movable appendage that is an extension of the posterior edge of the soft palate; it aids in ingesting food and speaking.

soft palate click to hear : soft palate

Muscular membranous section of the wall separating the mouth from the nasal cavity; it has a role especially in ingesting food and speaking.

Eustachian tube click to hear : Eustachian tube

Tube connecting the middle ear to the nasopharynx; it allows outside air to pass through, thus equalizing air pressure on both sides of the ear drum.

nasopharynx click to hear : nasopharynx

Section of the pharynx (meeting point of the respiratory and digestive tracts) through which the mouth connects with the nasal fossae and where the Eustachian tube opens.

hard palate click to hear : hard palate

Bony section of the wall dividing the mouth from the nasal cavity; it is extended by the soft palate.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Toothed bone forming the jaw. The upper jawbone forms a part of the palate. The lower jawbone is the only movable bone in the head.

greater alar cartilage click to hear : greater alar cartilage

Thin plate of resistant elastic tissue supporting the bridge of the nose and delimiting the contour of the nostril.

inferior nasal concha click to hear : inferior nasal concha

Curved bony plate attached to the lateral wall of the nasal fossae.

septal cartilage of nose click to hear : septal cartilage of nose

Plate of resistant elastic tissue; it extends the bones of the nose and separates the nasal fossae.

middle nasal concha click to hear : middle nasal concha

Curved bony plate resting on the ethmoid. Among its functions, the nasal chamber warms inhaled air by increasing the mucous surface.

nasal bone click to hear : nasal bone

Small flat bone forming the skeleton of the root of the nose; the two nasal bones join along the bridge of the nose.

frontal sinus click to hear : frontal sinus

Cavity hollowed out of the frontal bone of the skull; it connects with the nasal fossae and warms inhaled air.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Flexible muscular structure of the oral cavity; it helps in tasting, masticating and ingesting food, and also facilitates speech.

olfactory nerve click to hear : olfactory nerve

Bundle of nerve fibers formed by the axons of the mucous membrane’s olfactory cells, which transmit nerve impulses to the brain.

olfactory mucosa click to hear : olfactory mucosa

Tissue lining a portion of the nasal fossae and containing olfactory cells, which detect odors and release nerve impulses.

olfactory tract click to hear : olfactory tract

Nerve structure containing the axons; it enables nerve impulses from the bulb to be carried to the brain, where they are interpreted.

olfactory bulb click to hear : olfactory bulb

Nerve structure where fibers of the olfactory nerve end; it receives nervous impulses from the mucous membrane and transmits them to the olfactory tract.