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external nose click to hear : external nose

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philtrum septum dorsum of nose root of nose tip of nose naris ala

philtrum click to hear : philtrum

Small cutaneous depression extending from the lower part of the nose to the upper lip.

septum click to hear : septum

Thin cartilaginous wall separating the two nasal fossae; it is an extension of the bones of the nose.

dorsum of nose click to hear : dorsum of nose

Protruding median line of the nose extending from the root to the lobe.

root of nose click to hear : root of nose

Portion of the face between the eyes from which the nose protrudes.

tip of nose click to hear : tip of nose

Round protuberance formed by the lower terminal part of the nose.

naris click to hear : naris

Outer orifice of the nasal fossae lined with hairs that filter inhaled air, thus preventing the penetration of foreign bodies.

ala click to hear : ala

Lower cartilaginous portion of the side of the nose next to the nostril.