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dorsum of tongue click to hear : dorsum of tongue

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body median lingual sulcus sulcus terminalis root epiglottis apex circumvallate papilla foramen cecum palatine tonsil lingual tonsil

body click to hear : body

Free mobile portion of the tongue composed mostly of mucous-covered muscles and bearing the taste buds.

median lingual sulcus click to hear : median lingual sulcus

Depression extending over the entire length of the body of the tongue and separating it into two symmetrical halves.

sulcus terminalis click to hear : sulcus terminalis

Inverted V-shaped depression separating the base of the body of the tongue, topped by the foramen cecum.

root click to hear : root

Part that fixes the tongue to the mandible and the hyoid bone of the skull; it is also joined on each side to the walls of the pharynx.

epiglottis click to hear : epiglottis

Movable cartilaginous plate ensuring that the larynx closes during ingestion of food so that food cannot enter the respiratory tract.

apex click to hear : apex

Mobile terminal end of the tongue; it mostly perceives sweet flavors.

circumvallate papilla click to hear : circumvallate papilla

Each of the large taste buds (about 10) forming a lingual V at the back of the body of the tongue ensuring the taste function; they mostly perceive bitter flavors.

foramen cecum click to hear : foramen cecum

Small depression located at the base of the tongue, at the top of the sulcus terminalis.

palatine tonsil click to hear : palatine tonsil

Lymphoid structure (rich in white blood cells) located on each side of the base of the tongue; it protects the respiratory tract by fighting bacteria.

lingual tonsil click to hear : lingual tonsil

Lymphoid structure (rich in white blood cells) located at the base of the tongue; it assists in immune defense.