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eye click to hear : eye

Organ of vision serving to perceive shapes, distances, colors and motion.
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lachrymal canal lachrymal gland lower eyelid sclera pupil upper eyelid iris lachrymal caruncle eyelash

lachrymal canal click to hear : lachrymal canal

Duct opening out into the nasal fossae through which tears produced by the tear glands are discharged.

lachrymal gland click to hear : lachrymal gland

Organ secreting tears that flow over the surface of the eye to lubricate and cleanse it (eliminate dust and germs).

lower eyelid click to hear : lower eyelid

Thin muscular membrane that is translucent and movable; it rises from the lower edge of the eye to protect and cleanse it.

sclera click to hear : sclera

Strong fibrous opaque membrane covered by the conjunctiva; it surrounds the eyeball and protects the inner structures.

pupil click to hear : pupil

Central orifice of the eye whose opening varies to regulate the amount of light entering the eye; light causes the pupil to contract.

upper eyelid click to hear : upper eyelid

Thin movable muscular membrane descending from the upper edge of the eye. The eyelids protect the eye, emit tears and discharge waste. Batting of the eyelashes is very frequent.

iris click to hear : iris

Colored central portion of the eyeball composed of muscles whose dilation or contraction controls the opening of the pupil.

lachrymal caruncle click to hear : lachrymal caruncle

Small reddish mass located at the inner corner of the eye formed by the fold of the conjunctiva.

eyelash click to hear : eyelash

Each of the hairs lining the free edge of the eyelid; they prevent dust and other particles from entering the eye.