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body care click to hear : body care

Range of methods promoting physical hygiene and beauty.
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shampoo eau de toilette bubble bath haircolor deodorant hair conditioner toilet soap eau de parfum bottle stopper

shampoo click to hear : shampoo

Product used to wash the hair and the scalp.

eau de toilette click to hear : eau de toilette

Scented concoction that is more diluted with a water/alcohol mix than eau de parfum.

bubble bath click to hear : bubble bath

Product that is poured into the bath under the faucet water; it produces large amounts of foam and scents and colors the bathwater.

haircolor click to hear : haircolor

Product applied to the hair to color it.

deodorant click to hear : deodorant

Product applied to the armpits that eliminates or reduces perspiration odors.

hair conditioner click to hear : hair conditioner

Product applied to the hair after shampooing to strengthen it, improve its appearance and make styling easier.

toilet soap click to hear : toilet soap

Fragrant fat-based product that is used for washing the body.

eau de parfum click to hear : eau de parfum

Scented concoction added to a water/alcohol mix; it is more concentrated and lingers longer than eau de toilette.

bottle click to hear : bottle

Small bottle that is often made of glass.

stopper click to hear : stopper

Device inserted into the neck of the bottle or screwed onto it to close the bottle.