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nail care click to hear : nail care

The means of making the hands and especially the nails more beautiful.
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nail buffer chamois leather nail enamel nail whitener pencil emery boards

nail buffer click to hear : nail buffer

Curved instrument used to smooth and polish the surface of the nails.

chamois leather click to hear : chamois leather

Soft velvety hide used to polish nails.

nail enamel click to hear : nail enamel

Product applied to the nails that dries to become a clear or colored coating protecting and adorning the nails.

nail whitener pencil click to hear : nail whitener pencil

Pencil that is run under the outer edge of the nail to make it white.

emery boards click to hear : emery boards

Cardboard file with a coarse-grained side used to file down the nail and a finer-grained side to smooth it.