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hair roller click to hear : hair roller

Instrument around which a lock of hair is wrapped to make it curl.
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hair roller pin roller wave clip bobby pin hair clip barrette hairpin

hair roller pin click to hear : hair roller pin

Pin stuck through the roller to hold the lock of wrapped hair in place.

roller click to hear : roller

Cylinder whose length depends on the length of the lock of rolled hair and whose diameter depends on the desired curl size.

wave clip click to hear : wave clip

Plastic pin with interlocking teeth used to secure a lock of hair.

bobby pin click to hear : bobby pin

Bent filament with tightly closed arms; it is used to secure a section of hair by holding it firmly in place.

hair clip click to hear : hair clip

Metal pin with elongated jaws that is used during styling to separate out sections of hair not being worked on.

barrette click to hear : barrette

Bobby pin with a clasp; it is used as adornment or to secure a lock of hair or the whole head of hair.

hairpin click to hear : hairpin

Bent filament with spread arms that is used to loosely secure a section of hair such as a chignon.