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combs click to hear : combs

Devices with teeth of varying width and closeness that are used to detangle and style the hair.
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pitchfork comb rake comb Afro pick barber comb tail comb teaser comb

pitchfork comb click to hear : pitchfork comb

Comb combining a teaser comb and an Afro pick.

rake comb click to hear : rake comb

Comb with broad, widely spaced teeth for detangling hair without damaging it.

Afro pick click to hear : Afro pick

Comb with long, widely spaced teeth used for detangling and tidying tightly curled hair without undoing the curls.

barber comb click to hear : barber comb

Comb with large, widely spaced teeth for detangling the hair on one side and small, closely spaced teeth used to arrange the hair on the other side.

tail comb click to hear : tail comb

Comb with small, closely spaced teeth that is used to arrange the hair.

teaser comb click to hear : teaser comb

Comb whose head has teeth of three different lengths; it is used to brush up the hair to give it more body.