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hairbrushes click to hear : hairbrushes

Instruments made up of fibers of varying stiffness embedded in a backing; they are used to detangle and style hair.
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vent brush quill brush round brush flat-back brush

vent brush click to hear : vent brush

Brush with very widely spaced bristles set in a perforated backing; it is used during blow-drying to detangle hair and style it for a natural look.

quill brush click to hear : quill brush

Brush with round-tipped bristles set in a concave backing that massages the scalp; it is used for detangling and arranging hair.

round brush click to hear : round brush

Brush with bristles that completely encircle the backing so that hair can be given a soft wave.

flat-back brush click to hear : flat-back brush

Brush with bristles set in a soft rubber backing that is used to detangle wet hair.