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cut for gemstones click to hear : cut for gemstones

Cutting a gemstone consists of angling the facets so that the stone’s brilliance is intensified.
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navette cut briolette cut pear-shaped cut French cut oval cut baguette cut

briolette cut click to hear : briolette cut

Elongated cut that is completely covered with triangular facets and has neither crown nor pavilion; it is used when stones are to be set in a pendant.

pear-shaped cut click to hear : pear-shaped cut

Brilliant full cut with an elongated girdle.

French cut click to hear : French cut

Cut where the table and the girdle are square and the facets triangular.

oval cut click to hear : oval cut

Brilliant full cut where the girdle is oval in shape.

baguette cut click to hear : baguette cut

Step cut where the table and girdle are elongated rectangles.