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semiprecious stones click to hear : semiprecious stones

Next to precious stones, these stones are the ones whose beauty and durability make them most suitable for jewelry.
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amethyst lapis lazuli turquoise opal tourmaline aquamarine topaz garnet

amethyst click to hear : amethyst

Stone whose color ranges from pale mauve to deepest purple.

lapis lazuli click to hear : lapis lazuli

Opaque, dark blue stone that is usually speckled; the glittering flecks are proof of its authenticity.

turquoise click to hear : turquoise

Opaque, light blue stone with tinges of green; it often contains brown, gray or black veins.

opal click to hear : opal

Soft opaque stone that is milky-white or quite dark and gives off rainbowlike reflections.

tourmaline click to hear : tourmaline

Usually multicolored stone with a rich array of colors from red to pink and green and on to blue.

aquamarine click to hear : aquamarine

Stone whose color ranges from whitish-pale blue to a deep blue-aqua color.

topaz click to hear : topaz

Stone with a wide range of colors, including yellowish-orange (the most common), green (the rarest), pink (the most sought-after), blue, brown and colorless.

garnet click to hear : garnet

Stone whose color ranges from green to yellow to dark red.