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pins click to hear : pins

Article of jewelry used to fasten and adorn a garment.
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tiepin collar bar tie bar stickpin brooch

tiepin click to hear : tiepin

Article of jewelry consisting of a short pointed stem with a head; it is used to hold the two tie aprons together.

collar bar click to hear : collar bar

Article of jewelry consisting of a rod with two capped pins; it is used to hold shirt collar points in place.

tie bar click to hear : tie bar

Pincer-shaped article of jewelry clipped halfway up a tie to keep it attached to the shirt.

stickpin click to hear : stickpin

Article of jewelry consisting of a pointed stem and a decorative head; it is usually worn on women’s coat lapels.

brooch click to hear : brooch

Article of jewelry usually worn by women that consists of a pin with a decorative clasp; it is used to fasten a shawl or collar or adorn a bodice.