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facial makeup click to hear : facial makeup

Range of beauty products designed to improve the appearance of facial skin.
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powder blusher blusher brush pressed powder compact powder puff

powder blusher click to hear : powder blusher

Powdered product applied to the cheekbones and cheeks to accentuate facial lines and emphasize skin tone.

blusher brush click to hear : blusher brush

Slender round-tipped brush with soft flexible bristles; it is smaller than the loose powder brush and is used to pick up and apply powder blusher.

pressed powder click to hear : pressed powder

Creamy compact powder used to touch up skin tone during the day; it usually comes in a compact.

compact click to hear : compact

Small flat case housing a container with pressed powder, a powder puff and a mirror.

powder puff click to hear : powder puff

Small round, often cotton pad used to apply loose or pressed powder.