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examples of eyeglasses click to hear : examples of eyeglasses

The shape of glasses varies depending on the period and their use (e.g., correcting far- or nearsightedness, protecting the eye, magnifying).
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opera glasses monocle lorgnette pince-nez sunglasses scissors-glasses half-glasses

opera glasses click to hear : opera glasses

Optical magnifying instrument held in front of the eyes; it is used for looking at relatively close objects such as at the theater.

monocle click to hear : monocle

Single lens held in place under the ridge of the eyebrow.

lorgnette click to hear : lorgnette

Glasses held in front of the eyes by a handle attached to the side of one rim.

pince-nez click to hear : pince-nez

Glasses whose frame has a spring bridge that grips the nose.

sunglasses click to hear : sunglasses

Glasses with lenses that filter the Sun’s glare to protect the eyes.

scissors-glasses click to hear : scissors-glasses

Lorgnette whose lenses fold back over one another and can be slipped into the handle, which also acts as a case.

half-glasses click to hear : half-glasses

Glasses with half lenses to correct farsightedness; the empty space above them is used to see distances.