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museum click to hear : museum

Establishment where works of art are stored and exhibited.
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ticket clerk exhibition billboard banner for the coming exhibition banner for the current exhibition wheelchair ramp documentation center entrance hall auditorium museum shop ticket office cloakroom control center meeting room administration superintendent’s office curator’s office archives surveillance camera installation work sculpture painting conservation laboratory receiving area unloading dock interactive terminals projection room temporary exhibition rooms permanent exhibition rooms library toilets

ticket clerk click to hear : ticket clerk

exhibition billboard click to hear : exhibition billboard

wheelchair ramp click to hear : wheelchair ramp

documentation center click to hear : documentation center

Room reserved for museum staff; it houses technical documentation related to the museum’s activities.

entrance hall click to hear : entrance hall

Large space that provides access to other rooms in the museum.

auditorium click to hear : auditorium

Hall designed for the public to attend lectures and audiovisual presentations.

museum shop click to hear : museum shop

Room where items for sale are displayed.

ticket office click to hear : ticket office

Counter where admission tickets are purchased.

cloakroom click to hear : cloakroom

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

control center click to hear : control center

Room equipped with monitors so staff members can watch over a museum’s various rooms.

meeting room click to hear : meeting room

administration click to hear : administration

Place where tasks related to the management of museum services are carried out.

superintendent’s office click to hear : superintendent’s office

Superintendent: person who oversees the various museum services.

curator’s office click to hear : curator’s office

Curator: person who administers and is responsible for a museum’s collections.

archives click to hear : archives

Room where documents are stored for possible use.

surveillance camera click to hear : surveillance camera

Instrument that transmits an image of a room to the control center; it protects against theft and vandalism.

installation work click to hear : installation work

Three-dimensional artwork composed of elements arranged in a precise order, in keeping with the artist’s intention.

sculpture click to hear : sculpture

Artwork created from a material, which is worked to depict a given form.

painting click to hear : painting

Pictorial work usually executed on a canvas, which is stretched and then framed.

conservation laboratory click to hear : conservation laboratory

Room designed for the maintenance and restoration of artwork.

receiving area click to hear : receiving area

Area designed to receive artwork.

unloading dock click to hear : unloading dock

Facility for off-loading crates containing exhibition equipment.

interactive terminals click to hear : interactive terminals

Interactive computers with touch screens or keyboards that, with the visitor’s participation, provide a variety of information.

projection room click to hear : projection room

Room occasionally used to present audiovisual materials related to the exhibition’s artist or theme.

temporary exhibition rooms click to hear : temporary exhibition rooms

Rooms designed to house short-term exhibitions of a given artist or theme.

permanent exhibition rooms click to hear : permanent exhibition rooms

Rooms where the museum mounts long-term showings of the works in its collection.

library click to hear : library

Room where items such as books, periodicals and audio materials are classified for consultation or loan.

toilets click to hear : toilets

Room designed to satisfy basic needs and equipped with sinks.