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wheelchair click to hear : wheelchair

Chair with arms and a back that is mounted on wheels; it enables a person who has difficulty walking to move about.
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seat heel loop footrest front wheel cross brace tipping lever hanger bracket large wheel push rim hub spacer brake arm clothing guard armrest handle back

seat click to hear : seat

Level part of the armchair for sitting upon.

heel loop click to hear : heel loop

Part of the footrest that prevents the feet from sliding back.

footrest click to hear : footrest

Removable piece on which the feet rest.

front wheel click to hear : front wheel

Wheel that follows the movement of the wheelchair.

cross brace click to hear : cross brace

Folding crosspiece connecting and stabilizing the two sides of the wheelchair.

tipping lever click to hear : tipping lever

Piece that is pushed down with the foot to lift the front of the wheelchair.

hanger bracket click to hear : hanger bracket

Pivoting piece that supports the footrest; it is adjustable and removable.

large wheel click to hear : large wheel

Circular piece connected to the hub; its rubber tires provide rolling comfort.

push rim click to hear : push rim

Circular piece that a person pushes to maneuver the wheelchair.

hub click to hear : hub

Central part of the wheel from which spokes radiate. Inside the hub are ball bearings enabling it to rotate around its axle.

spacer click to hear : spacer

The pieces that separate the push rim from the wheel.

brake click to hear : brake

Handle that slows down the wheelchair or immobilizes it by blocking the wheel.

arm click to hear : arm

Part of the structure that supports the wheelchair’s front mechanism.

clothing guard click to hear : clothing guard

Part of the wheelchair that separates the seat from the movement of the wheels.

armrest click to hear : armrest

Side part supporting the arm.

handle click to hear : handle

Handle used to push the wheelchair.

back click to hear : back

Part of the chair used as a back rest.