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health image

The measures taken and the equipment used to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the public.

ambulance image

Vehicle designed to transport the sick and injured to hospital and to administer first aid.

first aid equipment image

first aid equipment
The instruments and equipment used to transport the sick and the injured and to administer first aid.

first aid kit image

first aid kit
Box that contains the materials required to administer first aid, including bandages, medication and instruments.

clinical thermometers image

clinical thermometers
Instruments that measure body temperature; they can be auricular, oral, rectal, etc.

blood pressure monitor image

blood pressure monitor
Device composed of an armlet and a pressure gauge; it is used to measure diastolic (heart dilatation) and systolic (heart contraction) pressure.

walking aids image

walking aids
Weight-bearing devices used to help a person move about.

wheelchair image

Chair with arms and a back that is mounted on wheels; it enables a person who has difficulty walking to move about.

forms of medications image

forms of medications
The various forms of medications that are commercially available.

hospital image

Establishment where the sick are given medical and surgical care and where babies are born.