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walking aids click to hear : walking aids

Weight-bearing devices used to help a person move about.
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forearm crutch adjuster handgrip forearm support underarm crutch rubber tip underarm rest upright crosspiece

forearm crutch click to hear : forearm crutch

Crutch whose weight-bearing point (forearm support) is located on the inside of the forearm.

adjuster click to hear : adjuster

Device that adjusts the height of the crutch.

handgrip click to hear : handgrip

Piece on which the hand rests.

forearm support click to hear : forearm support

Semicircular band to support the forearm.

underarm crutch click to hear : underarm crutch

Crutch whose weight-bearing point (underarm rest) is located beneath the armpit.

rubber tip click to hear : rubber tip

Part that prevents the crutch from sliding and cushions the impact when it strikes the ground.

underarm rest click to hear : underarm rest

Curved piece on which the underarm rests.

upright click to hear : upright

Vertical part of the crutch.

crosspiece click to hear : crosspiece

Height-adjustable horizontal piece on which the hand rests.