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blood pressure monitor click to hear : blood pressure monitor

Device composed of an armlet and a pressure gauge; it is used to measure diastolic (heart dilatation) and systolic (heart contraction) pressure.
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pressure gauge pneumatic armlet tube digital display pressure control valve air-pressure pump

pressure gauge click to hear : pressure gauge

Device used to measure blood pressure.

pneumatic armlet click to hear : pneumatic armlet

Device that wraps around the arm and squeezes the humeral artery; blood pressure is measured when the air is let out of the armlet.

tube click to hear : tube

Flexible conduit linking the armlet to the pressure gauge.

digital display click to hear : digital display

Liquid crystal display screen indicating blood pressure.

pressure control valve click to hear : pressure control valve

Valve used to expel air from the armlet to reduce pressure.

air-pressure pump click to hear : air-pressure pump

Small pump used to blow up the armlet.