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first aid kit click to hear : first aid kit

Box that contains the materials required to administer first aid, including bandages, medication and instruments.
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tweezers absorbent cotton elastic support bandage scissors antiseptic first aid manual gauze roller bandage adhesive bandage cotton applicators sterile pad triangular bandage rubbing alcohol splints aspirin peroxide adhesive tape

tweezers click to hear : tweezers

Instrument used to remove fragments of a foreign body (usually splinters) accidentally introduced under the skin.

absorbent cotton click to hear : absorbent cotton

Absorbent white cotton containing no fatty or resinous substances; it is used to clean wounds.

elastic support bandage click to hear : elastic support bandage

Extensible fabric that is rolled around a limb to reduce an edema (swelling) or to secure a bandage or splint.

scissors click to hear : scissors

Instrument with two movable overlapping shanks having sharp inside edges; they are used for trimming and cutting.

antiseptic click to hear : antiseptic

Substance that kills pathogenic microorganisms on living tissue.

first aid manual click to hear : first aid manual

Booklet describing how to treat common injuries and illnesses.

gauze roller bandage click to hear : gauze roller bandage

Roll of extremely light, transparent cotton fabric used to make compresses or dress wounds.

adhesive bandage click to hear : adhesive bandage

Adhesive strip with a piece of gauze for dressing wounds.

cotton applicators click to hear : cotton applicators

Stick whose ends are covered with cotton wadding; they are used to clean and disinfect wounds.

sterile pad click to hear : sterile pad

Piece of sterilized gauze that is folded into several layers and used to dress wounds.

triangular bandage click to hear : triangular bandage

Triangular piece of fabric used to dress wounds.

rubbing alcohol click to hear : rubbing alcohol

Alcohol used to clean and disinfect skin or wounds after scarring.

splints click to hear : splints

Small strips of wood, metal or plastic used to immobilize a limb that is fractured, sprained or dislocated.

aspirin click to hear : aspirin

Salicylic acid tablet used to treat pain, fever and inflammation.

peroxide click to hear : peroxide

Antiseptic used to clean and disinfect wounds.

adhesive tape click to hear : adhesive tape

Sticky tape used to fasten bandages, compresses and other materials to a wound.